7/2/15 – Osaka

Osaka Fashion show


Today I watched the Creatuous magazine fashion show at Osaka City hall. It was so cool to see what Japanese high fashion was like. Though to be honest it wasn’t too different from western fashion. There seemed to be a lot of neutral colours and it was a lot of dresses and skirts. One model even rocked it with a flu mask.

15 16

It was a really informal fashion show but all the clothes were really interesting. I was kind of surprised at how similar it was to Australian fashion, though I don’t know what I expected. However the clothes all had a little traditional twist, some had patterns that were traditional and some of the styles were traditional-ish.

After the show I had a few hours to spare and I decided that I would go shopping. After visiting a few shopping centres and markets I came to a department store called kintestu. It was the biggest store I have ever seen in my life. It had anything you could ever want to buy in one store, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I spent way too much money there.17

Osaka is known for its vibrant food culture with “kuidaore” (“eat until you drop”)  being used to describe it. There is so much food everywhere and i found it hard to pick were to go for dinner. I ended up settling on a teppanyaki restaurant. Like all teppanyaki places my chef cooked my meal in front of me. He was so skilled and the food was delicious, there is no way that I could ever do that.



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