5/2/2015 – Sapporo

Snow and ice sculpture festival


It is so cold in Sapporo! Like seriously freezing. It is so different to Australia in February. We spent all day walking around. It was the 66th annual snow festival and it has to be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. It definitely made up for it being so cold. There were star wars themed sculptures and replicas of traditional temples and dragons made of ice.



But nothing compared to when the sun went down and the sculptures lit up.


We had intended to not spend the whole day at the festival and to go and explore Sapporo a bit more but after an hour it became apparent that the sculptures were to beautiful and I couldn’t cut this once an a lifetime experience short.

But walking around in the cold all day made us very hungry and we stopped multiple times to experience some14 authentic Japanese street food. First we had Gyoza which are fried dumplings. They originated in china but are now eaten all through eastern Asia. Next we had Yaki-Tori which are like chicken kebabs, there were so many different types (like chicken liver!) and I wasn’t brave enough to try many of them, so I stuck to the ones made from chicken breast. Finally we had okonomiyaki which is a vegetable pancake. All of the food was so good. It was so different to the oily street food I am used to in Australia. And unlike most Aussie street food this wasn’t completely tasteless.




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