20/1/2015 – Tokyo

Art Museum tour


We started out trip in Tokyo today on an organised art tour. We saw many different styles of art ranging from the intricate traditional art to abstract modern art. Probably my favourite museum was the ‘Amuse Museum’ it showcased many different graphics, products and textile arts that are traditionally part of the Japanese culture.1



The art in Japan was so different from the art in Australia.

There were a lot of oil paintings of nature and they use a lot of natural colours (like brown, green and blue).  The Japanese style of art also focuses less on being realistic and more on being aesthetic.

Japanese Style Tree Painting


5Australian Style Tree Painting

At one of the museums we had a choice of a painting class or a weaving class. I chose the weaving class because I am a terrible painter. So I got to take a class in the traditional weaving techniques called Karamiori. I wasn’t too bad at it but it took a long time for me to get the hang of it, and my fabric did end up looking a little bit like a fishing net. But I was told that that was ok and that traditional weaving sometimes looked a little bit like a very pretty birds net.6

After a long day of touring art museums we went to a small restaurant and had a dish called Tonkatsu, which is like a crumbed pork cutlet, served with shredded cabbage, tonkatsu sauce (like a soy sauce) and karashi (mustard). It also came with rice and miso soup. I have used chopsticks a little bit at home so I was already alright when it came to using them, but it still took me like 10 times longer to eat my food than any of the Japanese people I was eating with.



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