14/2/15 – Nagasaki

Atomic-Bomb Sight


 Nagasaki was by far the saddest destination on our trip. We spent a whole day learning about the atomic bombing. Nagasaki was bombed shortly after Hiroshima by the Americans, killing between 39,000 and 80,000 people within the first 4 months of the bombs landing. People didn’t just die from the initial blast, but also from the effect of burns, radiation sickness, and other injuries and illnesses. Most of the people who died were innocent civilians.

We visited the peace park first. It had so many moving artworks. We also saw the peace bell and the peace fountain. I was moved to tears a few times while reading about what happened.1918

We also visited the atomic bomb museum, where once again I was brought to tears.


I feel so lucky to have never have had to live through anything as horrible as war. These people suffered so much. Australia’s worst ever attack (the Darwin Bombings) was nowhere near as bad as this and it makes me so grateful to live in such a privileged country. 22

We had Shippoku for dinner. Shippoku is Japans first fusion dish, it is a mixture of both Japanese and western cuisine. It is a traditional, Nagasaki style of cuisine that is basically just a round table with heaps of different dishes. The table was almost overflowing with food that everyone shared. It is a very social meal.



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